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“Politics is women’s business!”, — was stated at the conference in Minsk

“Woman in political life of Belarus” conference took place November 15. The event was organized by the Women’s Network “Mara” and the BPF Party women commission.

BPF Party Chairman fined for rally against Russian air base

Alaksej Janukevich, the BPF Party Chairman, has been fined 3.6 million rubles (20 basic units, about 180 Euros) for participation in the rally against the deployment of the Russian military base in Belarus.

Final report election observation capaign “Right to choose-2015″

The “Right to Choose-2015” campaign organized long-term monitoring of all stages of the election campaign. On October 11, during early voting on the Election Day as many as 1286 campaign observers conducted monitoring of the election process at 643 polling stations.

99.45% Precinct Election Commissions Will Operate Without the Representatives of the Opposition

“Right to Choose-2015” (R2C) election monitoring campaign has released a third interim report on findings of long-term observation, which covers the period of precinct election commission (PEC) formation.

Alexander Lukashenko’s team uses administrative resource during the signature collection process

Election monitoring campaign “Right to Choose-2015” (R2C) has prepared the second interim report on its election monitoring findings covering the period from July 23 through August 21, 2015.

Election monitoring campaign “Right to Choose-2015” has released its first intermediary report

Election monitoring campaign “Right to Choose-2015” has released its first intermediary report on findings of observation during the first month of the campaign (July 1-31).

Don’t withdraw your candidacies!

Alaksej Janukevich’s open letter to Tatsiana Karatkevich and Anatol Liabedzka

BPF Party National Board Supported Nomination of Tatsiana Karatkevich as Candidate for President

The BPF Party has supported nomination of Tatsiana Karatkevich, who is “Tell the Truth” campaign activist and Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) member, as candidate for president at the presidential elections 2015. April 25, 2015 the BPF Party National Board (Sojm) adopted the respective decision of the BPF Party Political Commission, which had been made in early April.

The slow dance between Minsk and Brussels

The crisis in Ukraine is making Belarus more dependent on Russia. But it has also made the Belarusian leadership keener to balance its close ties to Moscow with a warmer relationship with Brussels.

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