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Партыя БНФ - партыя абароны народных інтарэсаў

After decades of Russian dominance, Belarus begins to reclaim its language

In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, activists tell Katerina Barushka that aspects of Belarusian identity – especially language – are making a comeback

Russia’s Sub Rosa Statecraft


Spying, mole-planting, subversion, and financial arm-twisting are major components of Moscow’s new hybrid campaign against European democracies.

We demand release of political prisoners and end to repressions!

XVI BPF Party Congress Statement of October 11, 2014

Belarus shouldn’t be springboard for Russian military bases!

XVI BPF Party Congress Statement of October 11, 2014

Eurasian Union contradicts Belarusian national interests

XVI BPF Party Congress Resolution of October 11, 2014

In support of freedom, territorial integrity and European choice for Ukraine

XVI BPF Party Congress Statement of October 11, 2014

Results of XVI BPF Party Congress

XVI Reporting and Electoral Congress of the BPF Party (XIV Congress of the public association BPF “Revival”) took place in Minsk on October 11, 2014. Initially the Congress was planned to be held on September 13, 2014, but, because the fact that the BPF Party was refused to rent any suitable premises, it had to put off the Congress for a month.

Belarusian Popular Front introduces abolition of death penalty in its party program

The recent congress of the Belarusian Popular Front, which took place in Minsk on Saturday, adopted many decisions, declarations and changes to the program of the party.

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