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BPF Party withdrawn all its candidates for deputies


September 15, 2012 the second session of the XV BPF Party Special Congress took place. The party’s highest governing body has made a decision to withdraw its candidates for deputies of the House of Representatives from elections 2012. At the sitting the assessment of the election process was made, as well as the interim assessment of the work, which had been done by the BPF Party candidates for deputies during the election campaign.

46 delegates out of 64 nominated were present at the Congress.

At the beginning of the meeting the BPF Party Chairman Alaksej Janukevich stated, that all party candidates for deputies had carried on the campaign well and the results of the campaign will work for the prospects of the BPF Party and Belarus for years to come. Speaking about the contents of the election campaign, Mr. Janukevich noticed that the BPF Party members hadn’t covered just social issues, hadn’t propagandize just their personal qualities and hadn’t promised to solve small local problems:

-All the BPF Party candidates for deputies stuck to the Party Platform and сcovered the main problems and dangers, which our country faces, informed the voters on the views of Belarusian Popular Front.

Assessing the terms of the election campaign 2012, Alaksej Janukevich emphasized that the authorities had made everything possible for democratic candidates and people not to go to the polls.

-The authorities were not interested even in creation of impression of free and fair elections. Political prisoners still remain behind bars, Dzmitry Dashkevich was added another year in prison. The BPF representatives got mass rejections, when the election commissions were formed. Only 12 BPF representatives out of 57 nominated made it into regional election commissions, and 13 out of 233 nominated by the BPF Party and PA BPF “Revival” were included into local election commissions, – said the BPF leader.

After hot discussions about withdrawal–remaining of the BPF candidates for deputies of the House of Representatives the BPF Chairman Alaksej Janukevich put the question of withdrawal of all the candidates to vote. 41 delegates voted for disaffirmation of the decision to nominate candidates for deputies of the House of Representatives, 2 voted against and 3 abstained from voting.

XV BPF Party Congress called on voters to refrain from participation in the voting, as there are no guarantees of fair counting of votes.

The Congress has also adopted the final resolution on political assessment of the terms of holding parliamentary elections 2012.

Taking into consideration the fact, that all party candidates were withdrawn, the BPF Party Congress has decided to refrain from mass observation campaign, but charged the BPF Minsk city organization with nomination of observers to Minsk constituency № 101, where the BPF Party together with the movement “For Freedom”, civil campaign “Tell the Truth” and other democratic organizations carries out the campaign of active boycott and monitoring of the turnout for the elections.

The Congress has also accepted the proposal to charge the BPF Party leaders with initiation of talks with a wide range of partner organizations regarding the possibilities of holding common presidential campaign 2015.

Thereby, the second session of the XV BPF Party Special Congress has reaffirmed the tactics of conditional participation in election campaign 2012, which was chosen in January 2012.