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BPF Party demands that “Night Wolves” should be recognized extremists


May 3, 2016 Alaksej Janukevich, the BPF Party chairman, sent the application with the demand to recognize the Russian motorcycle club “Night Wolves” as an extremist organization to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Recent scandal statements of Alexander Zaldostanov, the leader of Moscow “Night Wolves”, became the reason for such an application. April 30, 2016, while being in Belarus, this citizen of Russia publicly declared, “Belarus is Russia”.

The BPF Party chairman asks the Prosecutor General, in pursuit of the Law “On Combating Extremism”, to appeal to the Supreme Court with the application to recognize the “Night Wolves” as an extremist organization and ban its activity on the territory of Belarus.

Alaksej Janukevich explained his application to the Prosecutor General’s Office as follows:

“Zaldostanov’s impudent statement is obviously aimed at non-recognition of the Republic of Belarus as an independent state and undermining of territorial integrity of our country. Legislation on combating extremism, which has recently been updated, aims exactly at fighting against similar threats and calls. Now our state structures have perfect opportunity to show that new legislative regulations will be used in accordance with the declared aims to defend national security and territorial integrity of Belarus. We draw the Prosecutor General’s Office’s attention not only to the content of the statement, but also to the fact that it was made by the head of the organization, which actively supports separatism in Ukraine and has recently established several branches in Belarus (there are both registered and unregistered branches),” – said Alaksej Janukevich.

The BPF Party chairman emphasizes that Zaldostanov’s statements could be evidence of the fact that they try to create ideological base for preparation of a hybrid war against Belarus.

According to the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Combating Extremism”, public calls for activity and actions on violent change of the constitutional system and (or) territorial integrity of the Republic of Belarus are recognized as extremism. Only the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus has authority to send an application with the request to recognize a Belarusian or a foreign organization as extremist to the Supreme Court.