Партыя БНФ - партыя абароны народных інтарэсаў

BPF Party National Board Member Fired After Her Public Declaration of Intent to Run at the Parliamentary Election 2016


The election campaign has started.

Several days ago Volha Damaskina, member of the BPF Party National Board, head of the BPF Party Navapolatsk city organization, posted on her Facebook account that she was going to run at the Parliamentary Elections 2016 on Polatsk City Constituency № 27. Several days later she was officially notified that her labour contract wouldn’t be prolonged and she would be fired in a month. Volha Damaskina works as the head of the Museum of Traditional Manual Weaving of Paazerje in Polatsk, which is the branch of the Polatsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.