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Statement of Organizing Committee of Freedom Day Celebration 2017


March 21, 2017 Minsk

Taking into account the irresponsibility and gross violation of the legislation by the authorities, which hadn’t responded to the application by the fixed deadline, the Freedom Day organizing committee, which brings together the BCD Party, the UCP Party, the BPF Party, the movement “For Freedom” and the solidarity movement “Razam”, has decided that the rally on March 25 will be held in accordance with the following scenario:

On March 25, 2017 the gathering of participants will take place at 14:00 near the Academy of Sciences, where the meeting will be held. Then there will be the procession (on sidewalks, if the number of participants allows that) along Independence Avenue to Kastrychnitskaya Square, where the meeting will be held and the rally will end.

Taking into consideration the negative experience of the events in 2010, any deviation from this scenario, including continuation of the procession to Independence Square, is dangerous and irresponsible.

We call on the law enforcement authorities to perform their main duty, which is to ensure the citizens’ constitutional right to peaceful assembly, and not to obstruct the peaceful event.

In case the routes are blocked, we call on the participants not to approach militia cordons and not to clash with militiamen.

Let’s celebrate the Freedom Day together! Long Live Belarus!


Movement “For Freedom”

United Civil Party

Belarusian Popular Front Party

Belarusian Christian Democracy Party

Solidarity movement “Razam” – except paragraph 3