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Statement of the BPF Party on holding of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly session in Minsk


Adopted by the National Board of the BPF Party on July 1, 2017

The conduct of the 26th Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Minsk is untimely, as it occurs in a condition that is contrary to the spirit and entity of the Agreement on which the OSCE is based.

Planned for September 2017 on the territory of Belarus joint military exercises with the Russian Federation “West-2017” in the conditions of the conflict unleashed by Russia in eastern Ukraine is a hostile step, does not serve the interests of peace and security in the region, harms the status of Minsk as a neutral place for negotiation to resolve the conflict in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine and, in fact, dangerously indulges Russia’s aggressive policy, which forcibly led to factual territorial losses for a number of countries in the region. A particularly alarming signal is the unprecedented scale of the planned military exercises, which envisage the redeployment of an exceptionally large number of servicemen, weapons and military equipment to Belarus. Holding the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly under such conditions is an indirect legitimization of aggressive actions that do not correspond to the principles of the OSCE and do not contribute to the preservation of peace, security and stability in the region of Eastern Europe.

Constant and systemic violations of human rights in Belarus, the lack of free and fair electoral procedures also do not comply with the OSCE principles in the humanitarian dimension. The holding of the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in the presence of political prisoners in the country, and, especially, the forged by the authorities the criminal case against the Belarusian patriots, is a dangerous connivance to political repressions in Belarus.

The BPF party draws the attention of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly that since the restoration of the membership of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus in the Parliamentary Assembly in 2004, there were no elections in our country which were held in accordance with OSCE standards, and in the same year another illegitimate referendum was held in Belarus.


In view of the above, the BPF Party

·         Expresses regret that the current government of Belarus, in cooperation with international structures, prefers the formal side, but does not implement the essential principles on which international organizations are based.

·         Calls upon the government of Belarus to release all political prisoners, to stop the criminal prosecution of patriots who were detained in March of this year, and to start fulfill their human rights commitments, including commitments in the humanitarian dimension of the OSCE and OSCE standards for holding elections, including amendments to the Electoral Code aimed at implementing the recommendations of domestic and international observers.

·         Demands the Belarusian authorities to refuse to hold joint military exercises with the Russian army “West-2017”, or at least significantly limit the scale of the exercises, abandoning the unprecedented scale of the presence of Russian military and technical equipment in Belarus.

·         Welcomes the attention of European parliamentarians to the situation in Belarus and calls on the participants of the Minsk annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to support the consideration of drafts resolutions on the state of civil liberties in Belarus and threats to regional security.