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European Young Conservatives condemn persecution of BPF Youth chairwoman


The European Young Conservatives (EYC) wishes to condemn the actions of the Belarusian authorities against Hanna Smilevich, Chairwoman of the Belarusian Popular Front Youth.

The EYC believes the Belarusian authorities have arranged for Ms Smilevich’s expulsion from the Institute of Journalism of the Belarusian State University. The EYC believes that this action was politically motivated and amounts to the persecution of political opponents of the ruling regime.

Belarus is consistently ranked amongst the least free nations on the planet. These most recent acts of political persecution by the ruling regime are entirely consistent with their appalling human rights record and disregard for the basic freedoms of their citizens.
The EYC will continue its close co-operation with our member party the Belarusian Popular Front Youth. We will continue to watch this situation closely and provide support to our members.