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Hrodna City Executive Committee authorized meeting and concert in Hrodna on March 25


Saranchukou Vadzim, the BPF Party deputy chairman, informed that today organizers recieved official permission from the Hrodna City Executive Committee to hold a festive meeting and concert, dedicated to celebration of the 100th anniversary of the declaration of the Belarusian Democratic Republic.

The festive event will take place on March 25 in Kalozhski Park in Hrodna from 14:00 to 17:00.
The BPF Party welcomes this step taken by official authorities, as well as official permissions for the BPF Party, together with other organizations, to hold a concert near the Opera Theater on March 25 and other events around the country, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusain Democratic Republic, organized by the BPF Party regional activists. We percieve such steps as a sign that Belarusian authorities are ready for the dialogue with the BPF Party and a national-democratic part of the Belarusian society on strengthening of independence and national identity.