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Seán Haughey Take Over Godparenthood for Vitold Ashurak

Mr. Haughey is a member of the lower house of the Irish Parliament, representing the Fianna Fáil party.

BPF Party National Board Member Vitold Ashurak Recognized as Political Prisoner

31 new political prisoners. HRDs insist on retrials and release of convicts.

Joint Statement of Belarusian Political Parties Against Politically Motivated Criminal Prosecution on the Ground of Party Membership

Six Belarusian political parties made a joint statement on usage of a party membership card as prosecution evidence in the criminal case of Vitold Ashurak, the BPF Party National Board member.

International Democrat Union Adopted Resolution on Political Repressions after Presidential Elections in Belarus

Resolution tabled by the Belarus Popular Front (BPF) at the IDU Executive Meeting on December 14th, 2020

Joint Stance of Political Parties Regarding Inquiry of Ministry of Justice to Provide Personal Data of Party Members

On October 26, five Belarusian political parties voiced their joint statement regarding unlawful inquiry by the Ministry of Justice to provide personal lists of members of political parties.

European Conservatives Call on Lukashenko to Peacefully Step Down

ECR Party calls for transfer of power in Belarus.

We Call for New and Free Elections in Belarus

Joint Statement from EPP, S&D, Renew Europe, Greens/EFA and ECR

People’s Engagement in Election Fraud during a Pandemic Is a Double Offense

On May 10 the BPF Party Sojm discussed online the political situation in Belarus, which developed in the context of the appointment of elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. After the discussion, the governing body of the party adopted a political statement on this issue.

Independence of Belarus Faces Imminent Threat

Joint statement by key Belarusian democratic organizations and BNR Rada