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Seán Haughey Take Over Godparenthood for Vitold Ashurak


Mr. Haughey is a member of the lower house of the Irish Parliament, representing the Fianna Fáil party.

Seán Haughey T.D., member of Dáil Éireann, has taken over the godparenthood for Vitold Ashurak. On this occasion Seán Haughey T.D. stated: “I’m sponsoring Belarus political prisoner, Vitold Ashurak. His only “crimes” were campaigning against the harmful production of glass wool and honouring Kalinouski insurgents.”

Vitold Ashurak is a BPF Party National Board member. He has run for parliament several times. Ashurak was particularly active in environmental issues and campaigned against the harmful production of glass wool. He was detained on September 19, 2020. Without giving the exact reasons, Judge Maksim Filatau ordered his trial to be held behind closed doors, invoking Article 23 (“Threat to State Security”) of the Belarusian Constitution. He sentenced Vitold Ashurak to 5 years in prison.