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Ryhor Kastusiou: Lukashenka Exchanges Sovereignty of Belarus for Support of His Regime by Russia


Ryhor Kastusiou, the BPF Party Chairman, stated about the danger of negotiations between Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which will take place on Monday in Sochi.

According to the BPF Party chairman, the current leadership of Belarus seeks to obtain material support from Russia to maintain the current regime, which people don’t trust and which is based only on coercion and Russian subsidies. However, in exchange for support, the Kremlin demands from Minsk irreversible steps to make Belarus subject to external control.

The BPF Party leader stated it in his report on political situation, speaking at the sitting of the BPF Party National Board, which took place on February 20 in Minsk:

“Lukashenka needs loans, because previous Russian support has already been used up. The situation in the economy is extremely bad, so he urgently needs money. Lukashenka goes to Sochi to get it, because now nobody will provide loans to him except for Russia. European credit lines are closed due to domestic policy of repressions, it is impossible to endlessly tap business and population for money, but it is possible to agree with Putin on new support or at least on installments of previous loans. But the question is what the cost of such an agreement will be for the Belarusian people and the Belarusian state.

The difference of the current situation is that assurances of brotherhood and allied relations are not enough for Russia anymore. It needs true concessions, including true pieces of Belarusian sovereignty. Its goal is to control not only Belarus of today (which is reliably carried out through Lukashenka’s pro-Russian policy), but, which is more important, also control the future of our country.

After Crimea, Russia feels the need for new territorial gains – and Belarus is obviously one of potential directions for aggressive expansion.

But they also understand in Russia that any Lukashenka’s signature in documents and his promises are worthless, not legitimate for the Belarusian people and that surrender of sovereignty by Lukashenko will never be recognized as a legitimate step. Therefore, they want Lukashenka to not simply surrender pieces of Belarusian independence, but to do it in such a way that would ensure the semblance of democracy and legitimacy, which would ensure control over the country after Lukashenka steps down. Perhaps, they can do it through amendments to the Constitution at a referendum – there have already been statements by the Foreign Minister that pursuance of neutrality, enshrined in the Constitution, could be removed.

In Lukashenka’s eyes, the Constitution, like any law, is a worthless piece of paper; he has repeatedly blatantly violated it, rewritten it for himself, even the version that was written for him in 1996. Therefore, there is a danger that he will recklessly agree to stage a constitutional reform and enshrine the subordinate status of Belarus as a Russian colony in the Constitution, agreeing to it in exchange for support of the current regime at this difficult for him time.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka has probably already agreed to sign the 31st secret road map, which became known a year ago. Signing of this roadmap will have very negative consequences for Belarus. It is already known that they have prepared the documents for continuation of deployment of Russian military facilities in Belarus (communications and radar stations). Possibly, the question of adopting a single currency will come up in the nearest future – the Russian currency in Belarus, which is a renunciation of economic sovereignty. There is an opinion that the issues of placing two full-fledged military bases of the Russian Federation on the territory of Belarus are being discussed now, including both aviation and ground and tank troops.

The situation is extremely serious, and the threat to Belarus’ independence is now greater than ever,”- Ryhor Kastusiou, the BPF Party Chairman, said.